Here is a Wine Map of Greece showing all its PDO zones; they are historically the most famous areas for premium wine production. However, one should remember that in Greece the disposition and abilities of each producer -regardless being in a PDO zone or not- is the most crucial factor towards wine greatness. There are fantastic wines produced in or outside PDO zones, but providing a PDO map is always a good start to familiarize oneself with the regions of Greece.


Regarding it's terrain, Greece is primarily a mountainous country with 80% of its surface covered with mountains and hills with much of the country’s borders washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Greece has over 2.500 islands and one of the longest coastlines in the world (13,676 km). The landscape of Greece is diverse and rugged interspersed with mountains, rivers, gorges, and lakes and surrounded by sea. This diversity found in the landscape coupled with the macro-mesoclimates (Mediterranean and Continental) form innumerable microclimates and conditions that result in a vast array of wine styles. Adding to this, if we consider the 300 unique, indigenous Greek grape varieties then we can appreciate that the potential of Greek wines is endless.


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