Winery Ktima Tselepos
Region Greek Islands
Wine Style dry white
Varieties Assyrtiko
Harvest 2017
Bottle Size 750 ml
Carton 6 x 750 ml


This wine is the result of Yiannis Tselepos collaboration with the Chryssos family in Santorini with the later offering their own vineyard in Pyrgos and Emporio (12 hectares). The rejuvenation of the 12-hectare age-old vineyard has resulted in a wine with high extract, purity of fruit, lime character and minerality (wet pebbles, saltiness and notes of earth). Nervous palate, high acidity, creamy body, moderate (+) alcohol, high concentration and long aftertaste. An excellent wine that will fully show its world class status four years after the harvest. The 50 - 100 years old vineyard has been treated and revived, making 2013 the first harvest of the new project. Tselepos target is to produce super premium wines that reflect the special characteristics of Santorini. His goal is to show to the international market that Santorini wines with its special volcanic soil, phylloxera-free vines and world-class grapes like Assyrtiko, can be placed among the best white wines of the world.



Tasting Notes


Clear, medium lemon


Clean, medium intensity, with aroma characteristics reminiscent of lemon, peach, wet pebbles, saltiness, minerality, lees and notes of earth.


Dry, high acidity, medium (+) alcohol, medium (+) body, medium (+) flavor intensity with flavor characteristics reminiscent of lemon, salt, petrol, wet pebbles and mineral notes. Long finish.

Drinking time | 1-7 years from vintage

Tasting notes are based on blind tasting events organised by Gregory Kontos, DipWSET in accordance with the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine ®.

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