Winery Douloufakis Winery
Region Greek Islands
Appellation PGI Crete
Wine Style dry white
Varieties Vidiano
Harvest 2018
Bottle Size 750 ml
Carton 6 x 750 ml


Douloufakis Winery vinifies the charismatic Vidiano in two versions: oak and acacia barrel aged (Vidiano Aspros Lagos) and stainless steel fermented. Dafnios white is the latter version. Its character is dominated by stone fruit (peach, apricot), while at the same time it has an elegant mineral touch and develops nicely over time (petrol, honey, etc). It is a wine worth keeping and consuming about 2-3 years after harvest, when it will have reached its maximum complexity. With its full body and powerful acidity, it is an excellent choice for accompanying dishes with rich sauces, white meat, as well as seafood. An aged bottle could very well be served alone.



Tasting Notes


Clear, medium lemon with golden highlights


Clean, medium intensity, with aroma characteristics reminiscent of peach, citron, lime, tropical fruits, minerals and mango


Dry, medium (+) acidity, medium (+) alcohol, medium (+) body. Medium flavor intensity with flavor characteristics reminiscent of citrus, peach, apricot, toast, oak, mineral aromas and juniper. Medium (+) finish

Drinking time | 1-5 years from vintage

Tasting notes are based on blind tasting events organised by Gregory Kontos, DipWSET in accordance with the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine ®.

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